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About Trader's Pass

Pristine water. Undisturbed wilderness. Authentic small town life.

Few homeowners enjoy swimming, sailing, and forest walks all from their own stunning lakeside property. Fewer still get to experience authentic small town life of the sort rarely seen nowadays. If you're dreaming of a property that time and traffic forgot, you really need to check out Trader's Pass Properties in Meldrum Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Overhead View of Trader's Pass Meldrum Bay Manitoulin Island

Our Story

First settled in the 1870's, Manitoulin Island's Meldrum Bay has a way of making you feel you've stepped back in time whenever you cross its borders. An old fashioned country store, recreational marina, ample campgrounds and miles of pristine shoreline make this tiny rural community the sort of place people come to rejuvenate when they're tired of the noise and pollution of the city. Located a few minutes down the road from Meldrum Bay proper, our Trader's Pass home sites offer the perfect blend of nature, solitude, and recreational opportunities. Founded by folks who know and love Manitoulin, there's a reason these home sites sell fast. With a network of private nature trails just a stone's throw away, you won't find properties like this anywhere else. Check out the photo gallery below and see for yourself what makes this area so special for homeowners and cottagers alike. 

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